1) Go to Galleries -> Add Gallery/Images

The next steps are pretty intuitive.

2) The default will always be on “Create New Gallery” so you shouldn’t have to scroll to it

3) Give your new Gallery a title

4) Add Files

5) Start Upload


You can always navigate to your galleries by going to “manage galleries,” which will just be a list of all of your current ones. You currently have about 50 of them. 

Also, you will not have to deal with “Albums,” only “Galleries.” So don’t ever worry about the albums. 

7) Here you can change the title (although we have the titles set not to show – the looked odd and redundant).

8) And the Sort Order

9) Ok, now we have our new gallery. But what do we do with it? Before we move on, what we have to do is note which number the gallery is. So let’s go to “Gallery – > Manage Albums again to see the list of all of your galleries. 

10) Here you can see a list of all of your galleries, but you have so many that you’ll need to scroll to the next page in order to see the most recently added one. 

11) Note the number of your newly added gallery. In this case, it is #49.


You can leave this page now, you don’t need to do anything else.


1) Now we must create a post. These are created the SAME WAY as you create a post in Tips & Techniques. You can either clone a post or create a new one. Let’s assume you are going to clone one.

Let’s also pretend that your new gallery of shirt pictures are really a gallery of a new cabinet you made. In that case, you would go to

Posts -> and then filter the posts to only show your cabinets category.

From hereon out, this process should look and feel familiar to you. 

2) Hover over any one of the posts under the “Cabinets” category until you see an option to “Duplicate This” 

3) As soon as you hit “Duplicate This” it will re-direct you to the screen with ALL of your posts. It’s mildly annoying, but all you have to do is…

4) Re-filter the category, until you are only looking at the posts for cabinet category. Your new cloned post will show up as a “Draft.”

4) Re-filter the category, until you are only looking at the posts for cabinet category. Your new cloned post will show up as a “Draft.”

5) This is assuming you will do all the changes on the back end.

REMEMBER: There are always 4 things you must do REGARDLESS of whether you wish to edit the content on the front end.

1) Change Title – Required on back end

2) Change Slug – Required on back end

3) ***Change Content – Can be done on EITHER back end or front end 

4) Change Featured Image – Required on back end

5) Click Publish – Required on Back End


This is where you will be changing your gallery from the old cloned one to your new one. In this case, our new gallery was #49. All you want to do is replace the current number in the CODE module to the appropriate gallery number. 

This can be done on the back end or the front end.

Now we can see that your gallery post looks like all the others. 

If you go back to your Galleries page on your live site, you can now see the newest one. But since it’s new, maybe I’ll want to make sure it’s the first one. So I need to re-arrange the order. 


6) By now you should easily be able to go to your lists of posts, and then filter by category.

Posts -> Scroll to Cabinets -> Filter

7) Simply hover over the posts until you see the black cross-like icon, and then drag and drop the posts in the order you want.

PLEASE NOTE: Inexplicably, there is no “save” option after you drag and drop the posts. It just works in real time. So no, you’re not losing your marbles.