CTW Creations strives to create a variety of styles to satisfy diverse tastes, with a particular focus on Scandanavian, Shaker, and Rustic Americana influences. 

All CTW Creations pieces are hand-crafted originals—each with its own unique design, construction…and cleverly constructed (hidden) nooks that are not always visible to the naked eye.

With over four decades of experience in carpentry, design, and construction, CTW Creations has the background and skill to complete highly customized artisan woodwork.


Greetings, we hope you enjoy scrolling through the galleries and viewing our unique projects and pieces. Make sure to zoom in on these pieces, many have subtle and obscure details designed to intrigue our visiting viewers. Enjoy!

John Muir said “Going to the mountains is going home” and also “ I never saw a discontented tree

Although I don’t get to the mountains as much as I’d like to, I do a lot of walking in the woods whenever I can.

I keep an eye out for funky, peculiar shapes of trees or odd growths, a few are here to glimpse at.


We’re always happy to share our tips and techniques. Here are some of the latest:

Wood Key Drawer Stop

Wood Key Drawer Stop

(Swipe right or left)For wooden cabinets with full depth drawers, a simple wooden key drawer stop can be made from scraps. I prefer using BB plywood as it won’t split apart and is static enough to function perfectly for this. The passage groove you cut in the back of...

Plunge / Scoop Router Sled Jig

Plunge / Scoop Router Sled Jig

A good project for your shop is building this sled jig to accomplish 3D scooping of thicker stock that will reveal more interesting grain appearance as well as adding some depth to your projects which too often settle for just plain, flat material pieces comprising...

Mirror Frame Illusion Strips

Mirror Frame Illusion Strips

When fabricating a mirror frame, we do a deeper inside edge rabbet depression, usually an extra 3/8" deeper than a plain mirror frame sequence.  Then we simply add 1/8" strips of alternating species to create 3 stripes if you will.  It is usually done before we miter...

A Little About Chett…

Chett Walsh is a veteran carpenter and woodworker. From humble beginnings in his parents’ Arlington, MA basement—in which he built footstools and repaired furniture—to his 35 years of experience as a construction professional, he still makes time to pursue his true passion: experimenting with woodworking projects in his makeshift garage shop.


Most professional photos were produced by Jim Badershall, its easy to see the amateur ones compared to his work.

Great sources for very high quality woods are Kevin Koski in Ohio {} and also Highland Hardwoods in Brentwood NH.

Also a go-to spot for guidance is the entire staff at WOODCRAFT Supply in Woburn MA, very knowledgeable and giving of friendly, sage advice.

Many thanks for the help with some of my larger table tops go to the friends at Mark Richey Woodworking in Newburyport MA as well as Anthony Fabrizio at Fabrizio Corp in Medford, MA.  Use of their industrial sanding equip saved many hours for us.